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Universal Pack

(Egypt - U.A.E - Oman - Qatar - Bahrain)

Universal Pack can provide complete end-to-end sachet packaging solutions which include a variety of cartooning options: from large random-filled cartoons, to vertical top-load cartoons formed from flat blanks, or horizontal side-load cartons formed from pre-glued cartons. All of these solutions include automatic or semi-automatic counting and collating of the sachets or stickpacks and ensure an extremely high reliability of throughput. All of this machinery is designed, manufactured and assembled in-house in the factory in Italy, which means Universal Pack is responsible to ensure the complete line is fully functional. Many competitors offer solutions from many suppliers and confusion about responsibility often arises when things don’t work properly. Universal Pack’s strength lies in manufacturing very high-speed, high-throughput solutions for particularly demanding customers. Almost all of the machines are multi-lane vertical, and most of them are continuous motion, which means they can operate at much higher speeds than horizontal machines. (They also take much less space on the factory floor.) For example, with tea, the easiest product for us to package, we can reach speeds of up to 300 cycles per minute. On a 15-lane machine, that would be equivalent to 4500 sachets per minute.Of course, our machine’s final speed always depends on a variety of factors, including the product and its physical characteristics, the quality of the film, the environment in which it is operating, the ability of the operators, etc… Once the machines are properly set up, they are capable of operating at these speeds for many years, and we have many customers still confidently using some machines for over 20 years

One of Universal Pack’s biggest strengths is its impeccable after sales service. The quality and reliability of the machine is of paramount importance, but the ongoing support, friendly assistance, and courteous timely service is the single-most reason most customers keep choosing Universal Pack for their sachet packaging needs.

From the installation and commissioning to the operator training, our staff is highly-trained and lauded for its professionalism and first-class service worldwide.

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