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Why only some are able to reach their true potential and shine?
How to build your self-esteem?

I feel I am not good at anything, and tend to criticize myself a lot. What can I do to feel better about myself? A low self-esteem could be the culprit. Not only does it prevent you from feeling happy and positive, it can also affect other aspects of your life, especially your ability to socialize and communicate with others. The good news is that this downward spiral can be reversed and you can feel good about yourself with time, support and practice.

Here are some tips:

See and understand that there are lots of good reasons to feel positive about yourself. Appreciate what you have. Learn to love and be happy about them, rather than spending time ruminating about things that you do not possess.

Remember your achievements no matter how small. Everybody has done amazing things in his or her life and you are no exception. Make a list of your major achievements and take a look at the list from time to time. List any five words that would describe your positive qualities: easy going, hardworking, friendly, etc. Carry the list with yourself and read it aloud to yourself once a day.

Retrain your inner voice. Low self-esteem comes from inside you. You can take control of the inner voice that puts you down or tells you not to bother trying something because you are sure to fail. Decide that your inner voice will only give you constructive feedback from now on.

Keep smiling. It is said that a smile is contagious. When you smile at people, they smile back at you. This might be surprising, but the simple act of smiling can lift your spirits and make you feel good.

Try to improve yourself, whenever you get an opportunity. You must realize that no one is perfect and by improving, you can only better yourself.

Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Remember, no two people in this world are alike. should be proud of your individuality.

Appreciate others. Remember, when you talk well about others, it makes you feel good about yourself as well.

Set goals. Think about what you'd like to accomplish, then make a plan for how to do it. Stick with your plan and keep track of your progress.

Take pride in your opinions and ideas. Don't be afraid to voice them.

Nurture yourself. Practice basic self-care, such as eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep each night. Plan fun activities for yourself. Reward yourself for your accomplishments.