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Each of our business units operates as a stand-alone organization. While having independent operation structure, dedicated sales, and customer service teams; they are all supported by corporate logistics, IT, HR and finance support functions.


The future is in hospitality... we offer our clients a so called "second home", where you feel comfortable, relaxed, meet others and conduct your work in a friendly atmosphere.

In 2009 Anasia Group introduced Esquires Coffee houses to Saudi Arabia, focusing on the ever dynamic city of Jeddah.

Our offering comes in different formats mainly, kiosks, mobile carts and full-fledged shops, operating in malls, hospitals, airports and on street fronts.

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Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Esquires Coffee is more than just coffee, it’s a Millennial Lifestyle.
In Esquires, you enjoy premium beverage, specialty coffee, quality food and signature dessert. Esquires Café has it all.

Our coffee is 100% Arabica Organic and Fairtrade whether single origin or blended.

Esquires represents our local café and outlet for hospitality services. Esquires became a part of every community that we sit within. Our teams walk the same streets our customers do, shop at the same shops, sit in the same parks, admire the same views.

We draw on our global best of knowledge and experience, to deliver best cup of coffee, beverage, food and dessert in our neighborhood.

Our approach is that; each café is a unique reflection of the community it sits in. We love being part of your community and creating the perfect mix of our natural, fair coffee, food and dessert.

If you are interested in any of our services or offerings,

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