At Anasia, we offer more than a job. We provide a long-term career and a chance to make a real difference. Whether it is in Sales, Customers Service, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics, HR, Admin or IT, we offer you an opportunity to grow the business and achieve personal success.

ANASIA is a firm where you will be expected to work hard, challenge yourself every day and provide our clients with service that is unmatched in its dedication to their needs. You will also receive the best training in the industry, have an opportunity where client responsibility and contact will come to you early in your career, and experience the thrill of delivering difficult work that is done well. We can achieve these standards because we demand excellence while recognizing that our employees are most effective when they enjoy a reasonable quality of life as well.

It takes work to find the right balance, and everyone does it differently, but at ANASIA we value the importance of all aspects of our employees’ lives. That is why our highly accomplished professionals choose ANASIA over many other opportunities for employment – and stay to make their careers here.


An individual is as a diamond; every sparkling diamond was once a mere rock covered in layers of grime and dust. It is the layers that need to be painstakingly sheared off to expose the sparkle within.

Anasia introduce Development Program specifically to align the personal development plans and careers of our Employees on all tracks; Basic Skills, Functional, Middle Management and, Senior Management to develop, implement, and support programs and processes which add value to Anasia and its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention, while committed to Anasia's key business drivers, it's management and prosperity for its customers, employees, and shareholders.

In keeping with our key objective to be focused, empowered, accountable and self-developing organization, we have undertaken an Appraisal Assessment Process to enhance multi-dimensional growth of functional competencies of our human capital at the organization level.

The idea of this Appraisal Process came about when we decided to rationalize our manpower and become lean in our manning norms. We, as a team, decided to adopt this change and transform it into an opportunity to strengthen the pillars of our longterm growth.

Anasia Offers to its employees' attractive salaries, Social security, Medical and Life insurance programs that aim to provide for essential needs of its employees.