Who we are

Founded in 1993, with two offices in Jeddah & Cairo and 16 FTE (Full time employees) on board. We firstly acted as Agent / Representative of world leaders in Packaging Technologies.

To be a leading fast growing supplier of quality products & services, having a sound input on the development of the market, partnering with competent personnel and world reputable principals.

Our People, Companies and Information Management System (IMS) represent the three corner stones of Anasia group structure. Our Companies grow by the ongoing initiatives of the People whom, next to their skills and capabilities, rely on a strong Information Management System.

Anasia Markets

We currently operate in 7 countries

We started in Egypt & Saudi Arabia. We expanded after to Bahrain and U.A.E. then Oman, Kuwait & Qatar.

When exploring a new market, we blend the local culture, resources and expertise with our values and ethics to set the right foundation for a successful business.

Business Partners

Mutuality, Transparency and long term commitment are key criteria to select our business partners.


At Anasia, we offer more than a job. We provide a long-term career and a chance to make a real difference. Whether it is in Sales, Customers Service, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics, HR, Admin or IT, we offer you an opportunity to grow the business and achieve personal success.


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