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Mariani is leader in the design, development and construction of innovative solutions for the secondary end-of line packaging automation.

Present on the market since 1960, Mariani today exports its products to more than 45 countries. The company, located in the north-east area of Italy, has initially grown producing machines and packaging systems for the dairy industry. Thanks to the experience and the expertise acquired within this market, the constant research for new technologies and continuous innovation, Mariani has serviced other markets such as food, beverage, printing, home and personal care and pharmaceutical industries and other industrial sectors where packaging and palletising systems are increasingly required, becoming to day one of the most important manufacturers all over the world.

The Company designs and constructs machines and plants in a context of constant innovation which can offer Mariani’s clientele increasingly advanced, cutting-edge products that are high performing, reliable, and strategic in shaping the future of packaging technologies

The many new and varied distribution market requirements find answers in the vast production capabilities, specific applications, versatile, adaptable flexible machinery and devices produced by Mariani. Our range of products covers all secondary and end-line packaging operations.

The Mariani packaging range includes sleeve-wrappers, wrap-around tray-packers, box, case and roll-container packers, shrink-wrappers and a series of specific machines, some with international patent, such as spoon-applicators, straw-applicators, multi-packers for gable-top cartons, display-lid applicators.

In addition, Mariani supplies a vast range of automatic palletisers including machines for layers, rows, stacks, loose products, mini-palletisers and pallet checking systems.

Finally, to integrate the automatic packaging and palletising lines, Mariani offers linear pick & place robots designed on the Scara principle, and anthropomorphic robots with articulated arm.

These machines are very different to the traditional ones, because they have been developed to cover independent working applications or areas integrated into complete lines where particular operating flexibility is needed.

To complete the lines, Mariani offers a series of accumulating conveyoring and connecting units between the various machines such as elevators, de-elevators, roller–belt, slat-band conveyors, deviators, aligning units and accumulating tables.

Mariani has obtained the certification ISO 9001 in 1996 and since 2003 the company is also certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001; more recently, in 2008, it has also acquired the SA 8000 certification

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