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Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo

(Egypt - Saudi Arabia)

Anasia provides effective solutions for both industrial Check weighing and metal detection applications. We use of the modern technologies of METTLER TOLEDO to help you reduce production costs and improve quality of products, from the receipt of raw materials to the final product used by the end customers.

METTLER TOLEDO top quality weighing of Garvens-Germany and the metal detectors of Safe line-UK with seamless connectivity to your PLC, DCS or Scada systems help you increase productivity and profitability.

Larger product variety, competitive market conditions and cost pressure from large retailers, increases the need for manufacturing efficiency. Consistent availability of customer production equipment and planned maintenance periods are important prerequisites to keep profitability high

We have the right equipment for your application

By using the innovative technologies of METTLER TOLEDO, the world leader in industrial weighing and product inspection, we can cover every need to control weight or foreign body detection, regardless of your industry or company size.

Please select the application you are interested in:

  • Dynamic weight control ( check weighing) – Garvens
  • Foreign body / metal detection- Safeline
  • System weigh control and foreign body detection- Garvens

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