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PFM Group

PFM Group

(Egypt - U.A.E - Oman - Qatar - Bahrain)

An internationl reliable manufacturer of horizontal and vertical flow and pillow pack wrapping machines.

Over than 40 years of experience PFM gained a huge knowledge that is reflected on the quality of the machines which satisfies all type of customers.

The wide range of machines PFM manufacture serves a huge number of different industrial sectors as the food, Pharma, cosmetics, detergents, and other miscellinious products.

Through-out the years, pfm gained a huge success that enables them to acquire other companies to be within the PFM group. They bought SPS-Italianapack Company which is specialized in the manufacturing of high speed flow pack wrappers and automatic feeding systems. Also the best biscuit sandwich machines linked to either a multiplier distributer or a flow wrapper .This in addition to the most sophisticated biscuit product on edge wrapping lines which is the new trend for the biscuit manufacture customers.

Few years later, PFM bought as well the well known multihead weigher manufacturer MBP which enables PFM to complete the range of the VFFS systems which serves the packaging of the different powder products, Granuals, pasta and liquids. Together with MBP PFM acquired as well BG-Pack which is a very special machine for a very special kind of applications.

In addition, PFM got a very good after sales service department that serves, assembles and maintains the different installed machines in the market. We at Anasia as well got the experienced engineers and technitians that assemble and maintain the machiens installed in the Egyptian market. This benefit allows Anasia/pfm to dominate the market share among other competitors.

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