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Electric Appliances

Anasia offers you diversified range of Kitchen appliances; from Food and Beverage Preparation to Cooking appliances and Kitchen weighing scales. The whole range is supported by our professional after Sales services.

Our premium line-up of rice cookers, toasters, deep fryers, grills and microwave ovens helps to ensure a nutritious full-course gourmet meal at any time, and work as a system adding a touch of sophistication.

Back from work, no time to cook, with Black and Decker cooking is faster and easier; chop, cut, slice, shred, whip or mix food with the full range of B&D food preparation, tailored to meet the requirements of amateur cookers or professional, preparing easy and quick meals.

We help you accelerate your tea or coffee making through the best kettles and coffee makers machines. We provide two years warranty on the whole range and 15 years warranty on our made in UK Kitchen scales.

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