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The ingredients are what make the difference, a baker told us, once upon a time, and of course, he was right. However, right after the ingredients, the oven is what does the business - the oven, the yeast, the dough mixer, the whisk machine and all the other accessories we supply, make us the Baker’s best friend. Exactly as with the ingredients, you must trust the equipment to maintain the highest quality and do the right job. Our task is to make sure you feel this confidence when you collaborate with us.

Our main customers are ranging from the small Artisanal bakery shop to the big industrial production lines. Since 1996 were very active and successful to win the trust of the main bakeries and pastries clients. This was also followed by becoming the most preferred supplier of bakery/pastry equipment to the big hyper markets chains and Supermarkets serving their bakery/pastry section.

We can supply and install all kinds of Rotary and deck ovens ,Convection ovens, Bread molding machines, proofing chambers, Pastry sheeters , planetary mixers , Biscuit and cookie machines,complete production lines for layer cakes, mini rolls , soft biscuits, and hard biscuits.

We are capable as well to design and furnish your bakery workshop for better workability and efficient production.

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